Cloud computing in college

As a college student, technology has been good to me. One technology in particular is cloud computing wherein it serves as a storage device that is meant for a variety of reasons.


In my experience, here’s how cloud computing has benefited me so far:

1. Google+ Hangouts for Group Meetings – If we’ll be doing a collaboration for a particular project, then it can be a real challenge for us, especially if we don’t stay in the same campus and have a job to work on. Instead of setting up a meeting place that is dedicated to a specific time, we just find a location that has good internet and communicate through any IM software such as Google+ Hangouts and Skype. The great thing about it is that we get to record our video session and do a review about it later on if ever we weren’t able to catch up with some things.

2. Evernote for Study Notes – For me, I find Evernote as a beloved tool for both teachers and students. This is because it is easy to use and can be accessed through any device that is available to you. This mobile app has allowed users to take down notes and share it to any user all at the same time and with any device. Handwriting recognition apps on tablets can also be used with Evernote and through that process, it will feel like the same thing as you normally would when taking down notes but with some more advantages provided by technology.

3. TED Talks for Cutting-Edge Ideas – When we will be consulting an expert that can help with our project or research then TED talks easily are the best. It allows us to record the short videos coming from our professors and other experts that talk about the ideas that are worth spreading. This is easily essential whenever we will be doing our class presentation and even research.

4. Using LinkedIn to Connect with Some Experts – If ever we will be having a research project that will require the view of real-world experts then LinkedIn is the best tool that we can utilize with regards to that need. This allows us to get a response from those experts in a real-time fashion. Another great thing about it is that its email service known as InMail message will refund the cost of an email message if ever it gets unopened for a specific amount of time. This also helps us reconnect with those experts if ever we will be looking for internships and even post-grad jobs.

5. Online Storage Device for Easy Access – If there comes a time that I left my USB or memory card at home, then I can still have access to those information by going through the world wide web.

How I was able to benefit from cloud computing

In today’s time and being a college student, I was able to benefit a lot from technology considering that these advancements provided during this time have made life even easier. The more technology comes in everyday, the better we can make life out of it.

Of all the best technologies worth mentioning, I was able to enjoy of what is famously known as cloud computing. This is the kind of technology that would help everyone, including myself, have an easy time accessing information from anywhere in the web. There’s no need to carry your hard disk or any storage device of some kind in order for you to access certain files.

As for me, this has made everything easy, especially when we have big projects at school. With cloud computing, I am able to do backups of several of my projects online apart from the ones that I store on my storage devices. This provides extra security in terms of backup because you always have something kept lying around the cloud in which it can be accessed at any time when you need it.

Another thing about projects, especially if it’s being done by a group, is that cloud computing allows us to collaborate with one another without even having to be physically in one place in order to do it. Personally, this is something that I consider to be very beneficial not only to students but also to the working folks as well. It can be very time consuming to actually travel and meet up with your colleague or classmate just to share a file. If you are able to utilize cloud computing, then such dilemmas are avoided and you can send or receive files in an instant. Now that’s what you call total convenience!

You can also guarantee that there’s a great deal of security involved in cloud computing considering that there are numerous information floating around in there which could be hacked in any minute. But with the help of extra layers of security being implemented into the cloud, all of those risks of getting your private information be stolen seem like an impossible thing to happen.

In conclusion, cloud computing for me is something that I will surely use not only during my college years but also by the time that I graduate, look for a job and even start my career.

Failing an exam sucks… BIG TIME

an upset woman with crazy hairWe just had an exam 2 weeks ago in which I have a hard time studying because of my hectic personal life. I had a bunch of errands to run which took a lot of time which I’m supposed to use for studying. As a result, I only have little time to browse through my notes, go on a group study or even recall what my professor had just discussed.

Once exam week happened, I was a bit nervous on what the test papers might show. I thought it was just my imagination but after I flipped it open, I was really dumbfounded by the questions that were in it. I must say, there were some things in there which I have recalled based on the lecture but I think 75% of it, I was totally clueless of.

It’s really depressing as a student to experience that part since we are supposed to do well at school to have a bright career for the future. With that in mind, I really didn’t have high hopes of passing the exam since I know that my answers are pointless and most of them are just “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe”. So it’s basically just pure luck for me that I will pass or even come close to a 50% of the total score once the results of the exams show up.

A week later, the results for the exams were in and it’s no surprise that I failed. I don’t have anyone to blame but myself for this since I really didn’t try hard enough to study. Or perhaps maybe I should have focus on studying that time to ace a high score instead of being busy with other stuff.

So here I am today, ranting on my blog as to why this happened. It’s a tough week for me, especially after seeing the results so I have no better outlet on what I feel about it but this blog. I know that it’s the only way to make myself feel better and keeping it to myself may just make me feel worse. Thanks to my blog, and to you guys, I feel better no matter how shitty my days or weeks are.

I know that it’s not the end of the world that I failed the exams but it’s really one of the worse things that can happen to a student. But I learned my lesson and now I know what needs to be done next time. I think it’s time for me to set my priorities straight, especially on the things that matter the most. Of course, you may say that I should have done it before but what better way to wake yourself up than to give yourself a kick in the ass, right? Well, I might say that it’s much better this way because it certainly gives a man more motivation on picking himself up after taking a hard kick from life.

So to my fellow students out there, don’t lose hope if you failed an exam or two. Pick yourself up, chin up and have faith in yourself. Even if you failed, it’s OK, you still have a chance. So let’s do this, let’s study hard and when exam week comes again, let’s make sure we pass it, or even ace it!